What happens when you combine Russian billionaires, a crazy president and nuclear weapons?… World War III. Only one man can stop it, former Navy SEAL, John Denning. Ripped from today’s headlines, this military thriller picks up where Tom Clancy left off. John Denning (JD) has no idea a routine assignment will bring him to the edge of a nuclear war with Russia. This FBI Special Agent and former Navy SEAL, travels to Ketchikan, Alaska to take a small time felon into custody and return him to Portland, Oregon to stand trial. Taking a boat to an abandoned mine and far from cell phone service, JD is ambushed by ten professionals in full SEAL team gear. JD is forced deep into a uranium mine by a sophisticated Russian military operation on American soil! But why would Russia risk war with the United States of America? A Russian, Typhoon class, ballistic missile nuclear submarine and Iranian terrorists are only two of the many obstacles JD faces to stop total devastation of North America. And practically no one else has a clue. Can JD single-handedly stop the Russians and the Iranians from starting World War III? Only JD, in his own words, can tell you. Roger R. Ellis, Esq., is a Hollywood entertainment attorney and ghostwriter.
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John Denning #1
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