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China Mountain Zhang

Amazon.com Review When talking about this book you have to list the awards it's won-the Hugo, the Tiptree, the Lambda, the Locus, a Nebula nomination-after that you can skip the effusive praise from the New York Times and get to the heart of things: This is a book about a future many don't agree with. It's set in a 22nd century dominated by Communist China and the protagonist is a gay man. These aren't the usual tropes of science fiction, and they aren't written in the usual way. But, wow, it's one heck of a story. "A first novel this good gives every reader a chance to share in the pleasure of discovery; to my mind, Ms. McHugh's achievement recalls the best work of Delany and Robinson without being in the least derivative."-The New York Times "It's a rare writer who produces a novel this good…I can't think of a book that offers a more lived-in future. The people are impulsive, changeable, and very real. Lovers of fine fiction, SF, and otherwise, will treasure this deeply humane book. Five stars."-Minneapolis Star-Tribune *** It's is a pleasure to read something that's so rich…As she sets the core in rich people's mainland China, it's the finish on this work that's astonishing: language so clear and deep it seems you could put your hand in it, like water. China Mountain Zhang is a book full of ideas, beautifully illustrated…One of the most interesting and most satisfying novels out this year. – The New York Review of Science Fiction
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China Mountain Zhang
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