Red Rose

    THE EARL OF RAYMORE WANTED NOTHING TO DO WITH LADIES     Once he had adored an angelic creature who had turned out to be a devilish minx in disguise. After that, the only females he cared to know were women who catered to his body without laying claim to his heart.     MISS ROSALIND DACEY WANTED NOTHING TO DO WITH GENTLEMEN     Unlike her best friend, the beauteous and biddable Lady Sylvia Marsh, Rosalind found flirtations a fearful ordeal and the game of love one that she could only lose. Better to be happy with herself than suffer a man who would only use her and mock her dreams.     Clearly Raymore and Rosalind were in perfect harmony in assiduously avoiding each other-until the night the unthinkable happened, and the impossible had to be faced…
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Red Rose
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